How to get drivers w/o S/N?

Hi All,
I am interested to buy Chuwi Corebook X. The product is available on website in my country/region.

I have NOT yet bought it though. Generally after buying laptop, I wipe it clean and install my own Windows 10/11 Pro on it. Laptops ship with Windows Home which I do not like.
So I check out availability of all drivers for Windows 11 on support site upfront before buying.

In case of Chuwi laptops, the issue is you must enter serial number on the support site to get access to drivers. The problem is many laptop vendors do not provide any drivers for Windows 11. So when I do not know the serial number how do I see the available drivers for download. If at all they exist or not for Windows 11.

I entered Corebook X in search box but it does not understand it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Best regards.

You must follow the instructions indicated on the screen, that is, enter the complete serial number (letters and numbers) that you will find on the bottom cover of the laptop.

You can also obtain the drivers for the laptop itself using, for example, an application called doubledriver

Thank you for your reply. Many laptop vendors offer downloads by either model number or serial number e.g. say Acer Z2-498 model number.

This is very useful in pre-sales stage where you come to know what drivers are available beforehand.
This practice by asking user to enter only serial number is a bit unusual.

Thanks and regards.

Edit1 - I am surprised. I checked a few YT videos of CoreBookX where the S/N is clearly seen in the video. However entering that S/N on support site says Record Not Found.

Does not work only way to get drivers is directly from support…and good luck with that. Everything on corebook x is stock Intel. Download the Intel driver update assistant and all will be well. Any other missing items will fill in from windows update. I also did a fresh install when I got my corebook and I did it for myself. In general don’t depend on chuwi website.


@poohbear11 Thanks for your inputs. Do you get the same features and benefits as that of vendor provided drivers when you update Windows?
e.g. in case of my HP, Windows update does work but only after I install the HP Drivers that I really get the apps to control Graphics/Sound and other features. These are generally not available from MS I Suppose.
But it’s disappointing that Chuwi does not have a good customer support. I Like HP & Asus for that. BR.