Does download section really work on Support Site

As I understand, in order to download drivers you MUST enter the serial number of your laptop on the Support Site → Download section.

I wanted to see the drivers for Windows 11 before purchase so I looked for a few Youtube Videos of unboxing and review of CorebookX and noted down the genuine serial numbers.

However the support site returns Record Not Found msg for any of those serial numbers.
The Chuwi seller on has no idea what I am talking about.

Does anyone have any idea if the system of validating S/N and showing relevant drivers really working fine or is erroneous?

Thanks and regards.

Never worked for me and support never helped fix the issue. Odd.

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BTW I had asked a few pre-sales queries to Support and made it very clear to them that I have not yet purchased the product.

after several days support’s response was

Dear customer,
Could you please offer us the serial number? The serial number is usually located on the back shell, bottom shell, and card slot of the machine.
Awaiting your reply.

I feel sorry for Chuwi overall. Thank god I have not purchased Chuwi laptop or any other device.
I have nothing further. May god help Chuwi.

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Your comment reflects my own opinion of Chuwi products. I purchased a UBook tablet nearly two years ago due its price and what it offered as a window’s operating system. I quickly learned that if the device was being used for a period of time it would overheat the battery and cause it to expand and therefore ruin the device. I have always used a cooling pad on all my other devices and said many times on this site for everyone to use a cooling pad. On reading this site I was horrified to constantly read of owners issues with all of the ranges of Chuwi products. I would never buy another device from Chuwi as the quality only reflects the low price of their products. The old saying you only get what you pay for is very true to Chuwi. To any person who wants a decent device look to the likes ofASUS , Samsung, Lenovo or HP to have a lot better experience and a lot less of problems.

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