How to solve Automatic Repair, without signed Administration

I explored different trouble shoot options from Advanced options.

4 of the options needs an administrator to sign in, namely,

Startup Repair
Command Prompt
Uninstall Updates
System Restore

But the PC won’t recognize me as an administrator :disappointed:. Tried to click on the statement below them:

Forgot your password or don’t see your account?

It won’t help me either. Because it will just tell me to restart and the result will just be the same:

Your PC did not start correctly

In Startup Settings I’m not sure what to choose. The options are:

Enable low-resolution
Enable debugging mode
Enable boot logging
Enable Safe Mode
Disable driver signature enforcement
Disabke early launch anti-malware protection
Disable automatic restart on system failure.

Same goes to UEFI Firmware Settings

Have you experienced this? Do you already have a solution for this?