How to unlock bootloader of Hipad Max?

Hello Chuwi,

I just bouthg Hipad Max and would like to know how to unlock bootloader of Hipad Max.
Please give use how to unlock bootloader of Hipad Max.

Thank you,

As on hipad pro, it is not possible to unlock.

@Andrej38 Thank you for reminding me of this. Yes I think so. Actually I have sold both Hipad Pro and Hipad Max since last month. And now I’ve got Mi Pad 5 Pro 5G already. My device is with Android 11. I’ve unlocked bootloader and flashed GSI ROM. But its firmware does conflict with the GSI ROM. This conflicts cause bad sound and some touch inaccurate. So I go back to MIUI 13 A11 for now.

The good thing of this device is it has community on xda forum where there are good developers voluteerily develop custom recovery, ROM and so on. Though the development usually takes quite a few years to result after the official release of the device.