I need drivers for Chuwi X312B

I need drivers for the sound on the Chuwi X312B.
Merry Xtmas de Jabi from Spain.

Can you tell me the specific model and serial number of your computer?
Looking forward to hearing from you

Good morning:

I send you information about my Chuwi.

Please send me audio drivers.

Regards de Jabi.-

Good morning again:

I send you other info of my system.

Regards de Jabi.

(Attachment Detailed-System-Report (1).html is missing)

The model and serial number are on the back or bottom of the machine. You can take photos and send them to me. I need it to find the corresponding file for you.

Dear sir:

I need all the drivers for the Chuwi computer. I send you one photo with the system of the laptop, ok?

Best new year 2022 for you and yours.

I can’t confirm the model of your computer. You can find the model and serial number of the machine at the bottom or back of your computer. Take photos and send them to: service@chuwi.com They will give you the best advice.
Thank you for your letter

Good morning:

The bottom of my computer is clear: nothing.

Are you using a tablet or a laptop?