Image Windows LarkBook X


I bought the LarkBook X (N5100) in November. Since then I get a blue screen Windows error from time to time and it restarts. These mistakes are becoming more common.
The computer is no longer turned on and enters a blue screen error loop. It looks like it might be a hardware failure.

The technical service advised me to do a new installation of windows.
I was sent this link:

I have downloaded all 5 files. When I start decompressing with WinRAR it asks me for a sixth file that is not uploaded to MediaFire and ends up giving error and damaged file.
With other decompressors it gives me error (maybe for lack of a file?).

Is there any other way to get the windows image?



I would say to contact Technical Service again. Although, if you download any Windows 10 OEM Image for the same Windows version you have, it should be able to activate it automatically.

If you have access to other device with Windows 10, you can use Media Recovery Tool to create a new Recovery Media to use in another device.



Thanks. I have already installed a new Windows 10 to fix the problems. And it comes out authentic. No problem with that. The problem is that it doesn’t detect the touch screen or the trackpad or other items. Many problems.

That’s why I’m asking for the Windows 10 image with the right drivers for the Larbook X.
The link provided by the technical service seems to have some errors in the documents. That’s why I asked for a new link to the windows image.

Yours faithfully,

Error decompressing. It also asks me for file number 6. Can the technical service link the correct image of windows here?
Yours faithfully,