Windows Ran into problems

I bought this Larkbox Pro for my daughter. She use it almost every day. Today she told me… There a blue screen and keeps shutdown… Anyone knows why and how to solve the problem. I tried to re-install windows but the system keeps telling me… Windows ran into problems…

It is always unpleasant to turn on the computer and run into a blue screen (BSOD, Blue Screen Of Death) that shows you an error and prevents the computer from starting normally. Therefore, in this case we are going to deal with the System Service Exception error and how to solve it to prevent it from causing more problems.

A blue screen with the System Service Exception error can occur for a variety of reasons, including system file corruption (usually caused by a power outage), graphics card issues, and outdated or problem drivers, among other things.

You will need to have a DVD or USB pen drive with a Windows image and boot from it. When the Windows installation menu appears, select the option to go to Advanced Options, and from there select the Command Prompt option.

Here you can execute the CHKDSK command, and you can also execute other commands that will help us verify the integrity of the system files. Run the following commands, in this order:

DISM / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth
sfc / scannow

The first command can take a long time to finish, so be patient. Once they are done, restart your computer and check that it works correctly, but if not, there is one more thing you can do, although it unfortunately involves restoring Windows 10.