Screenshots and restarts problem / Problema de pantallazos y reinicios

Hello everyone, I have received a LapBook and since minute 1 everything has been a problem …
The computer gives a blue screen, collects data and restarts every 2x3 …
I have tried to update it and nothing.

I have updated the drivers with Driver booster and the wifi has disappeared …

It is normal so many problems if it is a new team?
Can you do a clean install of windows 10 pro?

Hola a todos, he recibido un LapBook y desde el minuto 1 han sido todo problemas…
El ordenador da pantallazo azul, recopila datos y se reinicia cada 2x3…
He probado a actualizarlo y nada.

He actualizado los controladores con Driver booster y el wifi me ha desaparecido…

Es normal tantos porblemas si es un equipo nuevo?
Se puede hacer una instalación limpia de windows 10 pro?

Install original windows and please, don’t use driver booster.

You can make a clean install, but after installing you will have to install all the drivers manually.

Thanks for your answer.

I have done a clean installation of windows with the official microsoft tool.

The process has gone OK

Automatically without installing drivers the wifi is working.

But the blue screenshots and the reboots keep happening.

I start to think that the computer is faulty …

Every so often it restarts, making normal use impossible.
I can’t be working on a document and it closes.

Try to do a memtest

I have carried out the steps you have mentioned and the memory is damaged.

Attached photos


Thank you. I will try to return the product, I received it 5 days ago and everything has been a problem.

What a disappointment :frowning:

I made my purchase in:

Unfortunately the treatment they are giving me to try to return the product …

Hallo Call Windows Service. I have same Problem with CHuwi Lapbook Plus. They from Microsoft senmd you a link which you can open and download on maybe other PC a Repair Windows version. After install all itself and my problem was gone. It has to do with the bluescreen and driver from grahpic card. Call Windows for the version for your country. It is the CHinese version which has problems or blocked something of windows driver.

Thanks for your answer.

I honestly doubt that the solution is Microsoft.
Memtest is done from the BIOS, you do not need to enter Windows, so the problem is Hardware.
In this case RAM memory.

I am in return process.

It’s a shame, I really wanted to have this computer and try it, but it must have been bad luck …