Install Windows 10 on Chuwi Hi10X


I have a problem on my chuwi hi10x. I format the chuwi by mistake and It does not turn on anymore. When i try to turn it on i see only the logo and the screen goes black. How can I install again windows10 on It and make It work again?

Thank you

I don’t understand that about: formatting by mistake.
What is formatting by mistake?
As it did? since it is not the same to touch the Bios that to eliminate partitions, that to restore the equipment.
If you can be more explicit, we will try to help you.

i wanted to install Android on It and when It asked me to format or erase the hard disk i say yes by mistake… how can i reinstall Windows? please

You need to first download the Windows rom from the download area:,u68nd5tmlp8icvc,c55a1yeha6w0uqi,yuwi6xhdi4lyxh7,v9z09qkxt1jpz9w/shared

Once you have it, you must unzip it and copy it to a pendrive, of at least 16GB in NTFS format and rename it to WINPE.

Then turn on the tablet with the pendrive on and pressing F7 (can be Fn and F7) intermittently without stopping until the boot selection menu appears. In it, choose the USB stick.

An automatic process will start after a few seconds with the black screen. When finished, turn off and on again without the flash drive. Everything should work then

For serial code? Fortunatly i save my serial before format

Sorry what do u think about ti create a Telegram group of chuwi? Its more easy to talk for my opinion

My chuwi work again thanks so much :pray:

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I have one with 900 members. It is in Spanish and it is not an official channel, but any language is supported, Google is our friend:

My user: @manonegra222