Installing new SSD and version of Pro Windows 10

Hi all
Just got an Aero Book
I would like to fit a new larger SSD before I start to install programmes. What type is the system does it use, BIOS or EUFI? Also, which keys to get into the BIOS so as to install a new version of WIN10 from win 10 media on a usb onto onto a newly partitioned SSD.

The SSD must be installed must be M2 SATA 2280 NGFF (No NVme)

The AeroBook works with UEFI

You do not need a password to install Windows 10 if you use the appropriate version (Windows10 Home multilanguage). When the installation program asks for the serial number, click on “I don’t have a password” and Windows will be activated when you connect to the Internet the first time.