Aerobook boot problem

Dear sirs,

I bought a laptop Aerobook Plus from Indiegogo.

Suddenly, after disconnecting an external USB drive Seagate FreeAgent Go, I got a BSOD and lost the internal M.2 SSD drive.

I was able to boot with a live WinPE USB stick and realized that the disk, that is not recognized by the BIOS, is in a state “Uninitialized” and not able to get

Initialized neither GPT nor MBR (0 bytes in size 0 bytes free) . It seems that it got damaged.

Is there any way of getting this laptop working again at a reasonable cost. Please advise.

Considering the legitimate purchase of the laptop through the perk in order to install, myself, the Windows 10 Home on a new drive I would ask for the installation files, the drivers and the license key.

I am thinking ordering Samsung 860 EVO 250GB M.2 SATA drive for replacing the damaged SSD drive. Is this compatible with the hardware ?

I am looking forward hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Nikos Gavriilidis


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The AeroBook Plus has two SSD slots, a main one that is not accessible without opening the laptop and another next to it, which in your case will be free; you would only have to open, change one for another and install the system in it.
It is also possible to install a second SSD drive in the auxiliary slot of the laptop, later installing the operating system in it.
Always keep in mind the compatible specifications of SSD which is SATA M2 NGFF (not NVMe)

Did that! Reinstalled the OS using the Windows image file that I
downloaded using the link that Chuwi support sent to me.
Replaced the damaged m.2 sata drive for a new samsung ssd.
Installation finished successfuly and consequently windows updates
(windows 10 1909 feature set).
But having trouble with the keyboard !..
It has huge delays and looses some of the keys pressed.
The HID Keyboard Device has Microsoft Windows Driver installed.
Is there any machine specific driver (Aerobook Plus).
Without keyboard the laptop is unusable…

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Yes, surely there are, but they are not published in the forum. Please write to asking for the drivers for the AeroBook Plus and they will give you a link to download. When you have it, if you post it here, I’ll open an official thread to share with other users.

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My airbook did not load, or rather loaded EFI Shell. I went into the BIOS and saw that SATA PORT 0 is empty. What can be? Even used a laptop very rarely?
Thank you

It is strange, but it seems that the internal storage is not recognized. You can try booting with an SSD inserted in the auxiliary slot.