Can you boot from the NVMe?

Anyone have experence of changing the SATA PCIe to a NVMe - can you boot from it?
There are two PCIe sockets but it looks like the one the original boot drive is on is only sata PCIe.
Or can you boot from the NVMe socket?



Your description of “SATA PCIe” and “NVMe” are confusing.
Regardless, if you hold down F7 key during power-on, you can choose to boot on any drive that the BIOS recognizes. If the boot fails (unlikely for a new laptop like Chuwi), Google for “clover boot” for bootstrap solution.
If F7 key doesn’t show you the NVMe (again, unlikely), then it won’t work at all.

Io oggi ho installato un m.2 come disco principale. Funziona. Solo che mi aspettavo una velocità maggiore.

I had reinstalled the os from usb stick to ssd… No problem to boot the os from it

Hi there.
I tested the NVME port and my NVME port is broken.
The NVME works just fine on any other computer, and should show up in the BIOS. It is not detected.
You also can’t install windows off a thumb drive onto a USB disk so the computer is completely broken without replacing the NVME port.
I will look for an NVME port online, unsolder the one that’s on the board and replace it. If this fixes my problem, then I will report back.

I’m not sure that CHUWI official information is correct or not, as AeroBook Pro and AeroBook Plus,

Support SATA-based SSD Expansion (M.2 2280)

As AeroBook, no explicit explanation.

seems to support SATA only.

the included ssd is sata, but port seems to suport nvme. can we change the provided 256gb ssd on aerobook plus with an nvme m2 drive?