[Aerobook] [Tutorial]To Reinstall Windows 10 for CHUWI Aerobook

CHUWI Aerobook reinstall Windows tutorial

Tool: 16GB USB disk

Note: Make sure the battery has more than 50% charge,or plug in the power

Step 1

Format the U disk as FAT32 format,named WINPE as shown below,

Step 2

Copy the decompressed flash file into the U disk (the U disk can not have other folders. Only the flashing file can be stored)
Step 3

Plug the U disk into the USB port. Press FN+F7 to start the machine.When”please select boot device” appears on the screen: select U Disk to start flash automatically
Step 4

Percentage progress is normal flashing
Step 5

When “x:\widnows\system32>” appears, the reloading process is completed. Enter “exit” and press Enter key to exit. Pull down U disk and start the device automatically. (It takes 10 minutes to start the system for the first time after reflashing.)

Step 6

The first starting-up is to enter the factory test mode. Double-click Cleanup with the mouse to enter the language interface and user mode on the second starting-up. !


Where i found the flashing file?
Please give U flash file link for Aerobook


Sorry, having problems with my new Aerobook (Touchpad “not correct migrated” and sometimes not working - probably after the update to Win10 1903, Internet explorer and Windows store can’t be distached from taskbar etc) I would like to ty a clean new installation of windows.
Which one is the flashing file/ which files from the “driver folder” [Aerobook] [Official Version] Chuwi Aerobook Windows Driver download has/ have to be copied to the usb-stick?
( With which keys can I enter the Bios during start-up? Is there already a Bios-Update File available? )
Thank you

Edit: solved by creating a Windows-Image using the Windows tool

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Great, thanks for sharing the solution.