[Aerobook] [Tutorial]To Reinstall Windows 10 for CHUWI Aerobook

CHUWI Aerobook reinstall Windows tutorial

Tool: 16GB USB disk

Note: Make sure the battery has more than 50% charge,or plug in the power

Step 1

Format the U disk as FAT32 format,named WINPE as shown below,

Step 2

Copy the decompressed flash file into the U disk (the U disk can not have other folders. Only the flashing file can be stored)
Step 3

Plug the U disk into the USB port. Press FN+F7 to start the machine.When”please select boot device” appears on the screen: select U Disk to start flash automatically
Step 4

Percentage progress is normal flashing
Step 5

When “x:\widnows\system32>” appears, the reloading process is completed. Enter “exit” and press Enter key to exit. Pull down U disk and start the device automatically. (It takes 10 minutes to start the system for the first time after reflashing.)

Step 6

The first starting-up is to enter the factory test mode. Double-click Cleanup with the mouse to enter the language interface and user mode on the second starting-up. !


Where i found the flashing file?
Please give U flash file link for Aerobook


Sorry, having problems with my new Aerobook (Touchpad “not correct migrated” and sometimes not working - probably after the update to Win10 1903, Internet explorer and Windows store can’t be distached from taskbar etc) I would like to ty a clean new installation of windows.
Which one is the flashing file/ which files from the “driver folder” [Aerobook] [Official Version] Chuwi Aerobook Windows Driver download has/ have to be copied to the usb-stick?
( With which keys can I enter the Bios during start-up? Is there already a Bios-Update File available? )
Thank you

Edit: solved by creating a Windows-Image using the Windows tool

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Great, thanks for sharing the solution.

My attempts failed. Please help

Yes, there is a solution for that error, usually it is solved using another pendrive because the one you are using may contain some hidden directory that prevents the creation of the temporary directory and files.

Or use this method: [Other] The solved method that the system cannot find the driver specified