[Lapbook] [Tutorial] To Reinstall Windows 10 for CHUWI LapBook series

CHUWI LapBook SE reinstall Windows tutorial

Tool : 16GB USB disk

Note: Make sure the battery has more than 50% charge ,or plug in the power

Step 1

Format the U disk as FAT32 format,named WINPE as shown below,

Step 2

Open windows files,copy the subfile inside to the root directory of the USB disk,
Step 3

Plug the USB disk into the computer,press the power button to turn on(in the off state),press FN+F7 at the same time,then select UEFI:Sandisk,partition 1 press Enter select the USB disk to boot.then the Lapbook will start to flash automatically.
Step 4

When prompts DISK ID 0 copy to SSD 128G,DISK ID 1 copy to EMMC 32G。DISK ID 1 is defaulted copy to EMMC,it can be changed.
Step 5

Start flashing,a progress bar of 1% starts, indicating that the machine is being flashed. 100% complete.

Step 6

A window will pop up, click Enter, and unplug the USB flash drive.
Step 7

The first time you turn on the machine, you will enter the factory test mode.

Step 8

Double click Cleanup Testool to shut down,manually boot into the user selection language interface. (The first boot time is longer)

I did everything according to the instructions but something went wrong in step 4

please help solve my problem​:crying_cat_face::handshake:
(Lapbook se)

Are these two files in your usb flash drive?

Yes, sir,
maybe something is missing …
Here is the list of files:
boot - 20.4 mb;
EFI - 16.6 MB;
Images - 6.92 GB
oem - 4.65 mb;
scripts - 159 mb;
sources - 257 mb.
bootmgr - 389 kb;
bootmgr.efi - 1005 kb.
And I’ll try to get someone else’s flash drive today.

Ok, that you try other flash driver first, if still useless, then contact me.

Everything worked with a new flash drive, I feel dumb. The error was that my USB 3.0 flash drive was usb 2.0 and it already worked!!