[Lapbook] [Tutorial] To Reinstall Windows 10 for CHUWI LapBook series

CHUWI LapBook SE reinstall Windows tutorial

Tool : 16GB USB disk

Note: Make sure the battery has more than 50% charge ,or plug in the power

Step 1

Format the U disk as FAT32 format,named WINPE as shown below,

Step 2

Open windows files,copy the subfile inside to the root directory of the USB disk,
Step 3

Plug the USB disk into the computer,press the power button to turn on(in the off state),press FN+F7 at the same time,then select UEFI:Sandisk,partition 1 press Enter select the USB disk to boot.then the Lapbook will start to flash automatically.
Step 4

When prompts DISK ID 0 copy to SSD 128G,DISK ID 1 copy to EMMC 32G。DISK ID 1 is defaulted copy to EMMC,it can be changed.
Step 5

Start flashing,a progress bar of 1% starts, indicating that the machine is being flashed. 100% complete.

Step 6

A window will pop up, click Enter, and unplug the USB flash drive.
Step 7

The first time you turn on the machine, you will enter the factory test mode.

Step 8

Double click Cleanup Testool to shut down,manually boot into the user selection language interface. (The first boot time is longer)

I did everything according to the instructions but something went wrong in step 4

please help solve my problem​:crying_cat_face::handshake:
(Lapbook se)

Are these two files in your usb flash drive?

Yes, sir,
maybe something is missing …
Here is the list of files:
boot - 20.4 mb;
EFI - 16.6 MB;
Images - 6.92 GB
oem - 4.65 mb;
scripts - 159 mb;
sources - 257 mb.
bootmgr - 389 kb;
bootmgr.efi - 1005 kb.
And I’ll try to get someone else’s flash drive today.

Ok, that you try other flash driver first, if still useless, then contact me.

Everything worked with a new flash drive, I feel dumb. The error was that my USB 3.0 flash drive was usb 2.0 and it already worked!!

Hello there, Management
Are you able to show the exact location where I could find the “windows files” shown on Step 2?
I have looked everywhere in the C: drive but could not find it.

You have to download the corresponding files in the usb flash drive before they can be found.

And where do I download those files?
I don’t see any download link in the steps mentioned above

  • It’s just a tutorial. Give me your serial number

bonjour je voudrai bien aussi télécharger ces fichiers
lapbook air Cwi539

merci par avance
michel Desault

Lapbook air Windows:My Files

Hello good afternoon and happy new year.
could you tell me where to download the windows 10 for my lapbook air?
La Air Q128G80171200166
Thank you very much!

désolé je n’avais pas vu votre réponse.
le lien n’est plus valide
pouvez-vous me le redonner

This one? http://www.mediafire.com/folder/6f3r6649ssc2zwd,cdi9iwdpkv54ikt,n7f56qtpz2954es,se9dc9f56a37q0i,dmw7ydm5mx5j1s8/shared


I need the files of W10 because W10 doesn’t boot.

I have a CWI530 and my serial number is Q64G419010781


What model is your device?

My model is Lapbook Pro