Intel UHD 600 Gemibook vs Larkbox

I have a Gemibook with j4115 12gb 256gb and I have a problem with graphics boost.
intel uhd 600 in gemibook boosts only to 450mhz in Vulkan, openGL, dx9, dx11.
only in openCL does it boost to 700mhz-750mhz. I used Geekbench to test this out and HWinfo.
my Gemibook scores 1108 points in geekbench Vulkan and for example Larkbox with same j4115 processor scores 1710.

I suspect this is a bios setting issue or some driver (ex. chipset) issue.

Buy the way it’s not throttle, it is the same with or without power limit.

If someone has an idea how to get the same gpu performance as larkbox please do tell.

Very interesting topic! I’m messing around with this on the internet these days. In fact I made some changes in bios but nothing changes. I think it’s about the type of the chipset and microprocessor. Install more versions of Vulkan and it doesn’t change anything at all. We hope that someone with more experience will tell us something about the subject.