Is Hi10 X stable on lap?

I am interested in buying the Hi10 X.
wanted to know if it is stable with the keyboard using on lap?

Yep, much more so than the thin keyboard of the Ubook Pro & X!

I actually prefer the Hi10 X when used as a laptop, although the screen is pretty small if you’re used to its bigger siblings. I’m pretty sure they added some “dead weight” to the keyboard-section, because there’s basically almost nothing in there hardware-wise and it weighs about the same as the tablet.

One thing I noticed after more than a year of regular use is that the connector between the keyboard and tablet can get pretty “shaky”. If you move around a lot with it on your lap it tends to lose connection intermittently (for 2-3 seconds) which can get quite annoying if you’ve set Win10 to switch automatically between tablet and desktop mode. If it’s set on a table or you sit still with it on your lap, it is perfectly balanced and usable.

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