Hi10x cant get to work as a tablet

ok, im sure I did something, everything was going ok, then I plugged in my official chuwil keyboard (that is some STRONG MAGNETS) and shut down when finished. The next morning I took keyboard off and wanted to use it as a tablet.
on screen keyboard wont appear
then when I touch inside the password box its WAY offset
there was an error about something not set right for the pointing deviece imtrying to use (my finger>) but it went away too quick to see very well

also it wont go into porttrai mode

any and all assistance is GREATLY appreciated. Im liking everytig I see so far but…I have a lot of laptops, I only need a keyboard here occasionally…

You need to configure a section of the tablet mode so that the keyboard automatically pops up.

How to make the touch keyboard display automatically when we are without the keyboard and we do not have the tablet mode activated: Start, configuration, devices, writing, there you check the last option that says: Show the touch keyboard when you are not in tablet mode and there is no keyboard connected

To get there, when you turn on, you will need to have connected the original physical keyboard or a normal USB of a PC, with an adapter to port C

Well I tried with the Hi10x original keyboard exactly as you suggested, and no go.

Essentially there are several things going wrong a;ll at once:

  1. Without the keyboard attached I hold the device in “portrait” orientation, but the screen never re-orients itself it stays in landscape

  2. the device tries to boot normally, but even when I turn it BACK to landscape and tap mu finger in the password bbox (Or pin code) it seems as though it doesnt register, and the virtual keyboard doesnt show up

  3. So then I try to shut it down, NOW it seems like the calibration is off, If I tap pn or near the power off/shut down buttons in the lower right hand corner, nothing happens. However if I tap JUST below the password/pin code box, the shut down options appear. unfortunately no manner of tapping seems to get those to register.

  4. Now the ONLY way to power off properly is to hold the power buttomn down for 15 seconds and then the OPTION to ppower down appears in a text message that says "To power off please swipe down. Even then I have to start the swipe high and in the center of the screen and drag all the way down…

I know most ANDROID tablets have a factory reset of (HOLD POWER AND VOLUME - down at the same time or 20 secods an it will take you to an emergency recovery console. Does this device have something like that|?



  1. Mine too: Login only in landscape mode. It was “Lock Rotation” in Action center
  2. I have the same problem if i shutdown win10 WITH the keyboard connected, next boot as tablet (without fisical keyboard) there is no virtual keyboard. But pressing Ease of Access icon a virtual keyboard appears.

ok I have figured a few things out

#1 its locked into LOCKED ROTATE in other words I cant change the switch OFF of lock rotation. I only setu one account. it feels like I should be able to login as admin and reset the settings

but they are greyed out

any idea how to change it or what I did to break it.

also what is the ‘ease of use’ icon that the prev poster is talking about?

Sorry, it was Ease of access:


OK let me try that. I am confused why that one section is greyed out.

Its like its looking for an admin user account, is there a default admin sent with the Hi10x that I missed?

Thanks for all your help.