Issues with flashing Chuwi HiBook

I am trying to return android to Chuwi HiBook tablet (Since it was previously removed from tablet), installed all drivers and Intel flash tool lite program, but when loading Intel Flash Tool Usb driver there was a problem: driver installation failed. Please cancel setup.
After that, when I run the Intel flash tool lite program, the tablet detects the program, but when I try to flash it, another error appears.
11/30/21 16:12:35.521 INFO : Flash file C:\Users\Vadim\Downloads\Android for Hi book (Win10 Remained)\Android for Hi book (Win10 Remained)\flash-no-erase-all.json [update] loaded
11/30/21 16:12:36.963 INFO : [Port 0/3] Start flashing the flash configuration with pos start state for EMMC5DB4ED88
11/30/21 16:12:36.963 INFO : [Port 0/3] Don’t know how to reboot device EMMC5DB4ED88, state is ‘dnx_os’
11/30/21 16:12:36.963 ERROR : [Port 0/3] Failed to reboot the device
I would be very glad if you can help me.