HI12 Android Flashing issue (device not seen via USB in fastboot dnx mode))

I’m trying to flash (following the official thread here in this Forum) the Android image on my Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot (serial: Q64G45170104341, Z8350 CPU), with Intel Platform Flash Tool and device in fastboot dnx mode. I’m using a Windows 10 PC.

The pc doesn’t see the Chuwi in fastboot dnx mode via USB.

I’ve tried without success:

  • using different versions of intel flashing tool software;
  • unistalling and reinstalling android usb drivers;
  • using different usb data cables;
  • restoring Default Settings from device UEFI.

Is there a way to solve this issue? Has anybody encountered the same problem?


In order for the tablet to be recognized, drivers must first be loaded in Windows

What I should check? Can you please be more specific?