Can't flash android

So i have the AMAZING CHUWI Hi10 Plus (201702) and have been using it for a couple of years now

what i did is to delete all the android partitions and completely installing fresh windows from usb, fast forward to now I’m trying to flash android again using the tutorial from the official chuwi forums but when i plug in the tablet to my computer to flash the android image I get a (usb device unrecognized) while the tablet shows as unknown usb device - port reset failed

i have tried multiple versions of the android intel drivers and the flash tool, also tried windows xp 7 10 version 1511 1607 and more, i even tried with ubuntu with the same result

can any one help me with this issue or even provide a work around to flash any .img files for custom recovery or full android by any chance

In order for the device to be recognized by the computer in the Android installation, the tablet must be in DNX mode and the Android drivers must be installed on the laptop

i did that but it still doesn’t work

Check that the USB C connector fits correctly since the C port of the tablet is very deep

i also was sure to click the cable and trying multiple cables

I’m having a similar problem. When i try to flash it says:
\HI10 16 12月android 8350\HI10 11月安卓固件8350\flash-no-erase-all.json [update] loaded
10/07/20 15:58:24.527 INFO : [Port 1/1/4] Start flashing the flash configuration with pos start state for EMMCAAE7E8F2
10/07/20 15:58:24.528 INFO : [Port 1/1/4] Don’t know how to reboot device EMMCAAE7E8F2, state is ‘dnx_os’
10/07/20 15:58:24.528 ERROR : [Port 1/1/4] Failed to reboot the device

Try to remove the chinese letters in folder name.

No. Sorry. Still the same.