Just bought a HiBox Hero CW1531 - Any support still?

I’ve just bought a second hand HiBox Hero CW1531 (1611), is there still any support for this? It seems to work OK but I would like the user manual if possible, I can’t find one online. I would also like to re-install Windows 10, I’ve done that on my Hi10 (still got that) so I’d be looking for the right files to do this if available. I know it’s 8 years old tech but it was cheap :grin:

You need to send me the serial number, so i can provide them to you

Serial number is: Hiboxh201611260741.

I have managed to re-installed Win 10 from the internal recovery files on it, but I’d still like to have the factory files if possible. The Android partition has never been used as far as I can tell, so that’s a bonus. Initial tests seem to indicate it works as it should, I just need to fettle Win 10 into submission now. Nice bit of kit tbh.

These are the files:

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Thanks for those, it’s appreciated. As a matter of fact I’m using the HiBox now, Windows has had all the bloatware removed and all the Microsoft spyware disabled so it works better now. I should’ve got one sooner I think, its a nice little machine, I’m impressed :smiley:
Thanks again for the help.

I am glad to hear that.