Keyboard and pen Hi10 X compatible Hi10 XR?

Can I use the Hi10 X keyboard and pen on Hi10 XR perfectly compatible?

Hi @fafino

Just my thinking… keyboard for Hi10XR seems to be able to work with Hi10X.

As I know, the difference between Hi10XR and Hi10X is CPU (N4120 is 5% more powerful than N4100(*1)) and Keyboard for Hi10X is recognized as generic USB hub from Hi10X. That is, Keyboard for Hi10X is USB hub + USB keyboard (confirmed with device manager)(*2).

Anyway it’s better to contact Chuwi support, through

(*2)Keyboard has only 5 terminals and really looks like USB I/F. But, the order of their signals is unknown.

EDIT: correct the number of terminal pins from 4 -> 5. very sorry for my mistake.