Keyboard languages and layouts

I´m having problems with the keyboard layout. The letter and numbers work fine in all of them, but the rest of the characters are driving me crazy. I´ve got 3 language options:

English (United States), United Kingdom keyboard
English (United Kingdom), United Kingdom keyboard
Spanish (Spain), Spanish keyboard

None of them shows the symbols that the keys have phisically printed on them. I’ve also tried other variations of the english keyboards and each of them show something different but I don’t know which one should I use to display what’s on the keys.

The Hi10X uses a standard International/US Qwerty lay-out. If you pick that one as keyboard lay-out (you can combine that with whatever language you want), it should have all the same characters mapped as is displayed on the keys. Seems to work for me so far.

I can answer that in my case, I am Spanish and I use typing, I type without looking at the keyboard and I have the Spanish keyboard configured. What is printed on the keys does not coincide with what is written, but it is not necessary for me.
If he did not handle typing, he would choose the Spanish, International or United States keyboard and thus all the keys would match and he would get the Spanish letter ñ with Ctrl n.