I received my Hi 10 X today. Most things are going smoothly and I am very happy to see there is this helpful forum. I have had a few problems with signing in, mainly because I use the hash symbol in passwords and so far cannot find how to print it on this keyboard! My language is English (UK) — not (USA) and I have set the keyboard layout to UK. But the hash key is printing £. I have tried most other keys such as " which prints @ whereas @ prints ".

For the present I can manage this until I have sorted it out, but I would be grateful if someone can tell me how to get my hash back!

The tablet keyboard is not specialized for UK keyboard layout and this key is not provided.

Try to press ~

and other buttons with special characters. If you don’t find the # sign, then you have to use two keyboard layouts or change the layout with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (character unicode - U+0023)

Tanks. I have found the hash key… it is the forward slash key. Eventually I will Re-assign it but at least I can enter all my passwords now.