Chuwi Hi10 Air Keyboard issues

Hello, I have recently bough a Chuwi Hi10 Air tablet , original brand Keyboard included.

When plug in the keyboard everything works, the tablet recognises it, no drivers problems apparently. But, when I start to write and press some of these keys ( Page Up, Page Down, Insert or Shift) It writes some symbols. For example, if I press Shift in a text editor or anywhere it writes {}T

To fix it I have tried reinstalling windows, changing windows keyboard language but it didn’t work.

Can you provide me the keyboard drivers to install them again? or do you know any other solution?



Hola, hace poco me compré una Chuwi Hi10 Air con su teclado original incluido.
Cuando conecto el teclado todo parece que va correctamente, la tablet lo reconoce y todo bien. PERO, cuando empiezo a escribir en cualquier sitio y pulso una de estas teclas ( Mayus, page up, page down o insert) se escriben algunos simbolos y letras en pantalla. Por ejemplo al pulsar Mayus se escribe {}T.

Para arreglarlo he probado a reinstalar windows y a probar cambiando los idiomas de teclado de windows pero sin éxito.
Me pueden pasar los drivers del teclado a ver si así se soluciona? O darme alguna otra solución?


This is my keyboard drivers
But based on my repair experience, a usb keyboard never requires any special drivers and usually any problem with the keyboard is solved by replacing it.

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You were right, It didn’t fix anything reinstalling the drivers. The keyboard cost about 50€, I will try to avoid buying another as far as possible. So I will keep looking for a solution until I get bored of it.
Thank’s anyway!