Keyboard fail 🙁

I’ve been having a few problems with my keyboard connections lately. When it’s clipped on to my HI10 it keeps connecting and disconnecting every few seconds, drives me up the wall, sometimes working but most of the time not. I did try cleaning the contacts with servisol (switch cleaner) but made no difference.
Today I found the problem, a trapped wire inside, looks damaged and repair isn’t going to be easy so I’m rather unhappy now. The one I have cost £20 when I bought it with the HI10 originally, and I could do with another now. How much are new keyboards and where is the best place to get one from?



Sorry, hi10 has been discontinued. We can’t provide you with accessories.
Thank you for your letter

That’s a shame, looks like I’ll have to attempt a repair then, I like a challange, lol. I do have soldering skills though, and a background in electronics. I’ll try and source a replacement from the local PC repair shop first, else it’s soldering iron and heatshrink. Should be interesting. If I succeed I’ll post an update.

More suggestions welcome of course.

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You might still be able to buy it from online sellers. I’ve have just purchased the keyboard recently , about 2 months back.

Where from and how much?
Edit: I should point out that I’ve already had a look online and they’re either for a different model or £40 to £60 each, too expensive imho. My tablet is an older model CW1515, and some listings say ‘only X, plus, air’ etc. so compatability may be an issue. I should also add that it wants to be black to match my Chuwi.

Ich habe einen Treiber Problem
Fehler beim Zurücksetzen des Ports
Das Gerät ist gerade 3 Wochen alt

^ Translated to English
“I have a driver problem
Failed to reset the port
The device is just 3 weeks old”

Can’t help there mate, my Chuwi HI10 is 5 years old. My keyboard’s just worn out. I suggest you start a new topic. Or return yours to supplier under warranty.

Kann da nicht helfen, mein Chuwi HI10 ist 5 Jahre alt. Meine Tastatur ist gerade abgenutzt. Ich schlage vor, du startest ein neues Thema. Oder senden Sie Ihre im Rahmen der Garantie an den Lieferanten zurück.

Update: Well over a year later I actually managed to find a suitable keyboard online after the old one was unrepairable, I found it here: and it was delivered today, 3 weeks after ordering, which I thought was pretty good tbh. £37.20 delivered, a bit more expensive than the first one but much needed.

Having the older version of an HI10 (CW1515) made it more difficult to find but I got lucky in the end. I did use a folding wallet thing with a bluetooth keyboard but it was awful like that and didn’t get used much at all, probably about 3 times at most, it was a real pain like that and very inconvenient. Now it’s back to being a little laptop again it’ll get used a lot more now, so thanks to Joom for their ‘new old stock’ supply. Pics below…