Swtich keybord keys

i’ve just order a CHUWI Hi10 X with a Qwerty keyboard … in a perfect world i need rather an “Azerty” Keyboard … i know i can buy sticker … but it’s a sad solution … i’d like to know if the keys are easy removable … or if it’s totaly impossible or risky. (i will limite the sticker to the 3 differents keys)

Thx to the answer !!

Can you set the keyboard country code to your local region? The keys may all be in the right place then so just sticker the different ones. The keyboard I have is US qwerty (I think they all are) but mines set to UK (my local) and all the keys are in the right place, just labeled wrongly (like " and @ etc.), I have the onscreen keyboard in the taskbar as well and use that sometimes.

Just switching the keys around won’t do you much good. It would put the letters in the right place, but US Qwerty and Azerty have different combinations of punctuation on different keys as well. So some (shift-)symbols would still be in the wrong place, even if you switched the plastic keycaps.

The only “real” solution is what CrumblePie suggsted: Put the input language/keyboard in Windows itself to Azerty and type blindly, or as you already suggested put the right sticker-pack on.

Of course there’s another solution: Just use Qwerty :wink:

It took me a while, but I’ve been typing Qwerty in an Azerty-country for years, and the advantages are numerous: Cheaper laptops, cheaper keyboard and a more flexible brain. I type DVORAK on my main computer, use Qwerty on my mobile devices (like the Chuwi’s) and seamlessly switch to Azerty when configuring one of the kid’s computers.