Uk keyboard or spare uk keys

I live in the UK and bought a Herobook pro 1920 1080 N4000 this week. To my horror its got a US English keyboard. I wanted a UK English keyboard. I emailed Chuwi aftersale service about spare keys or a UK keyboard. But they were not very helpful, which is very poor. I don’t want to put stickers on the keys or use the US layout. Wish I never bought the laptop now. Does anyboby know.

  1. if you can buy spare keys anywhere or a UK keyboard ?
  2. are the keys the same as any other laptops (eg, dell, hp) then I could purchase spare ones on line? Thanks

Please, no replies, which reiterate, “official,” solutions.

I had an overlay came with mine it was inside the box over the black foam protection, if you did not take it out you may not have found it yet.
I have attached a photo of the overlay.