keyboard mismatch

Qual’e’ il tasto che sostituisce ESC (non è presente sulla mia tastiera)?
Perché sulle impostazioni la tastiera fisica risulta “non connessa”?
Devo sostituire la tastiera o è un problema di software Gboard?

I had bought a chuwi tablet [model hi9 plus with the keyboard and pen] and now the keyboard in protective cover case has stopped to work. I can’t understand why, and the only way I can enter text is through the built-in Android keyboard on-screen.
What can I do to solve it?
Kind Regards

Most keyboards in a “soft” case fail after ~ a year during normal use. If reinstalling the system, cleaning the contacts on the keyboard and tablet does not help, then you need to replace the keyboard or separate the case and restore the broken contacts.

I bought my tablet + keyboard and it worked great for a few months then stopped detecting intermittently while and then stopped working/detecting completely. I eventually got around to contacting the CHUWI official store and was told that warranty was 6 months (despite tablet and keyboard being sold together as 1 year warranty). What’s up with selling it with 1 year warranty and then refusing to honour and the very high failure rate on these keyboards?