keyboard mismatch

the H9plus keyboard mismatch? Is there a s
hortcut to pair or restart required?

You must configure the keyboard language on the system to match yours.
In case of not being English, you must use stickers to match your keys.

I bought chuwi hi9 tablet with keyboard. The keyboard has stopped working. This is frustrating. What would have gone wrong? I I need help please.

aAlready set up … the problem is the keyboard mismatches for no apparent reason and only reconnects if you restart the tablet.

No it does not reconnect at restart. I estart the tablet daily.

contact the seller and return it (only have 3 months warranty!)

I bought it from CHUWI official store. Waiting for their advice.

You can contact

I have contacted but they kept giving me steps that are irrelevant and not working. My upgrade is up to date, I do not know how to reinstall the OS. The problem is making the use of the tablet unpleasant.

Please provide workable solution.


Paul Ncha

You guys are no good. Regret buying your product.

I have exactly the same problem. The tablet doesn´t recognize when I unplug the keyboard and doesn´t show the virtual keyboard. But when I plug it again, anything happens. I need to restart my tablet everytime I unplug the keyboard in order to make it work again.

The keyboard has been in full operation for 3 days (not off)! and I didn’t do any operation, it just happened!?!?

I have found that the keyboard problem only happens when the sceeen is on, so it must be a software problem. Hope they can find the way to fix it.

My keyboard has not been working for over a month now, u complained see really but they have not been able to fix the problem. Infact, they stopped responding to my complaints.