Keyboard hi9 plus

My keyboard finally stopped working. At first the enter key stopped working, now it’s the whole keyboard.does changing the keyboard fix the problem? Or is the problem intrinsic to the tablet itself?

Such keyboards with a soft case often break, most likely a replacement will help, but to be 100% sure you need to disassemble the tablet and check the cable from the pogo connector (if you do not have a multimeter, it makes no sense to disassemble).

Thanks. So better go for a bluetooth keyboard instead; I was wondering what’s a good bt keyboard for you guys? I was thinking of the logitech k480; was wondering if the slot on it can fit the hi9 plus’s horizontal length.

Yes, a bluetooth keyboard would be a good choice. But you should first check how the wi-fi module and bluetooth work together. I have hi10 air and its wifi speed is about 40Mb, but when I connect a bluetooth device the speed drops to 10Mb

How can I check that sir?

Check you speed then connect any BT device to a tablet and check again.

Did your keyboard just stop to work or did it cause crashes? Because mine does. When I put my tablet into the stand for the keyboard the systems freezes, if I don’t plug it out fast then it crashes.

First 2 keys stopped working then the whole keyboard stopped working then now it crashes when I use the keyboard as a stand. Now I stopped using is altogether the crashes stopped.

Now I’m getting a bluetooth keyboard instead; hopefully it’s compatible.