Hi9 Plus Keyboard Problem

Hi everyone,

I have a Chuwi Hi9 Plus with the original keyboard that i purchased in May 2019 and this problem with the keyboard just started yesterday.

If i try to start up the Hi9+ with the keyboard already attached, the tablet cannot start up, it keeps looping between the Chuwi logo and the Chuwi and Android logo.

If i remove the keyboard and then try to start up the Hi9+ then the tablet starts up completely alright, and works perfectly fine.

After the Hi9+ has started up alright, then i attach the keyboard, when i go to any app to try to TYPE using the keyboard, no text appears when i type on the keyboard (virtual keyboard works fine). And then within 1-3 minutes of the keyboard being connected to the already started up Hi9+, the Hi9+ will reset itself (without me doing anything to ask it to restart) and the tablet will start the looping with the Chuwi Logo and Chuwi and Android logo and will again not be able to start up. During those 1-3 mins i get with the keyboard attached and Hi9+ started up, i have managed to go into the Settings/About/Input/Keyboard and it indicates the Keyboard is not connected.

It appears that the keyboard is faulty. i am unsure if it is hardware or software problem.

I have written an email to aftersale@chuwi.com but I’m not sure if the keyboard is covered under the 1 year warranty and actually whether Chuwi will reply my email, so would just like to check with other users if anyone experienced the same problem and of course, if anyone has managed to solve the problem on their own?

If there is a software reset or reconnection method i could try, i would appreciate any advice on that.

And as a side question, had anyone used the Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard with the Hi9 Plus tablet ? Does the Hi9 Plus fit in the K480 slot, i see the dimensions of Hi9 Plus is around 270mm but the slot for K480 is like very slightly under 270mm and it may or may not fit. Also, any comments on how well or not well the K480 works with Hi9 Plus? I am kinda prepared to have to buy another keyboard for my tablet. Appreciate any comments / suggestions on other Bluetooth keyboards that work well with the tablet also.

I will update again if Chuwi replies my email.

Received a reply from aftersales@chuwi.com. i attach the screenshot. Not really any aftersales support as long as warranty has ended. Sigh, i really wish they would at least try, ask me to check this or that before saying - not our problem, go buy a new keyboard. Sure Chuwi, i will do exactly that But No way im getting the Chuwi keyboard, i will go with Logitech Bluetooth keyboard its got more rhan 3 Months warranty for sure.

Hi, I have the same problem.

I had bought a chuwi tablet [model hi9 plus with the keyboard and pen] and now the keyboard in protective cover case has stopped to work. I can’t understand why, and the only way I can enter text is through the built-in Android keyboard on-screen.
Kind Regards

Just to let everyone know, Hi9 Plus does fit the Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard slot. The keyboard paired without any problems and using it is pretty straightforward, and kinda cool coz i now use the same keyboard for my Mac Mini, Hi9 Plus tablet and my Android mobile phone. Pretty good buy, only thing is when the HI 9 Plus is sitting on the Logitech keyboard slot, the angle of the camera is much higher and isnt so optimal to place on a table of normal height to do video conferencing (I need to move myself to hover over the keyboard instead of sitting back against my chair to capture my face), the original keyboard cover stand allows the camera to capture my face with me just sitting back against my chair which is way more comfortable, so i just stick a piece of clear tape at the bottom metal connecter in the middle of the tablet so that i can still attach the original keyboard cover (to use solely as a tablet stand) without making the Hi9 Plus restart and go into the restart loop. The Logitech keyboard cost me SGD $40 (or around USD$28) which is around the same price of getting the original keyboard from Chuwi, so i’m quite happy for the same price to get more versatility, just that the Logitech is quite heavy and isnt really portable, so when i do need to use the tablet outside of my home, i will have to use it keyboard-less (but given how we are mostly working from home this year) i guess this isnt much of a problem for now.