LapBook Pro 8G to use a M.3 as boot drive

Just purchased a LapBook Pro and have yet to test it out. Just need some advice on the following …

  • Can I use the M.2 ssd as a boot drive instead of the 256G default SSD?
  • Where can I download the latest BIOS for this machine?

Anyone can assist me on this? Thanks.

  1. Yes, you can choose the boot drive you want, you just have to install or clone the operating system on the drive chosen for the boot and then indicate it in the Windows options and in the Bios.
  2. Bios should never be updated if Chuwi does not indicate that it is necessary to introduce an improvement or solve a problem. The Bios that are published from the different Chuwi devices do not correspond to improvements for the previous models but are new Bios for new versions of the same device model, so they could produce brick if they are installed on previous devices.

Now I cannot get back in starting Win10 after I try to choose the boot drive. Keep on getting back to the BIOS setup screen.

What’s your advice?

I need a picture of the Boot tab of the Bios

Please, there will be no more threads with the same problem

Where can I locate a picture of the Boot tab?

Take a photo and upload it here in your response by clicking on the image icon