Lapbook Pro Keyboard

Hi to everyone.
The keyboard of my LapBook Pro suddenly has problems. The following keys do not work at all: a f x c n , . No liquid, no dust, no nothing at all.

I reinstalled win10 with no results. Could you please help me to fix the problem?
With the virtual keyboard it works properly. I assume it could be an hardware problem but I’m not sure.
Thx a lot in advance. Best, Alberto

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Hi Alberto,

The same thing has happened to me with a Lapbook Air purchased 2018.
The keys that don’t work are 1, 3, -, Q, T, U, P, ] and J.
The problem seemed to fix itself after reinstallation of Windows 10 (maybe just a coincidence) but returned shortly after and has persisted for over a year now. I am getting by by using an external keyboard but this is not a satisfactory solution.

It’s interesting that your faulty keys aren’t the same as mine.


Many thanks for your support Marcus.