Lapbook SE won’t start

Hi there, this morning my Lapbook SE won’t start. It is completely charged, when I press the startbutton on the keyboard, the blue light flashes after 5 sec (longer than normal) it stays on for 1,5 sec and it goes off again. Nothing happens!!

What is the problem??

Regards Mitch

Can you enter in the bios?

Is it the bios ok?

Please check6.

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I can’t tell you. How do I get in the bios, if nothing works?

Have you tray?

Can you boot with USB ssd, hd o similar for esemple?

Do you have a ssd inside (boot)? … Can you remove it or check it ?

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Hi Mr Tax, that’s above my skills on this matter, I’m afraid…

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Its easy… Search in youtube to see how remove ssd (change also) for exemple.

Try :wink:

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But (Also remove ssd) If you can’t even enter BIOS (i.e. press escape a couple of times directly after powering on) then the problem is very likely a hardware problem.

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Look here… Can help you (i hope)


Try holding the power button down 14 seconds and then charging it for a good 6 hours. Then press the power button 4-5 seconds a blue status led should flash (1-2 of the 3 status LEDs on the right) and then the chuwi Logo if you’re lucky will appear.

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