Lapbook the lapbook does not start

I cloned the original disk and maybe I did some wrong procedure.
If I put the original disk back, windows won’t start, it stays in a loop. If I insert the cloned disk (480 gb) into the USB everything works.
If I insert the cloned disk (480Gb) into the pc, windows won’t start.
I tried to restore the system but it doesn’t work … it asks me for a driver …


I think that even though you have cloned the operating system on the new drive, you haven’t changed the Windows startup on the system and the boot is on the original disk and Wiindows on the new one.
Try to do the following:

Type ms config in the lower left window of the windows desktop and go to system settings, boot tab and two operating systems should appear. In that window select the one installed on the new disk, save the changes and restart. When it does, check that disk C is already the new one and if so, put it back in its bay

Resolved. What seemed like a loop to me was actually time. I left it on and on my return it restored with original hd. Tomorrow I try with ssd clone Thank you very much

I am happy that you can enjoy your device again.

Thank you for trusting Chuwi

Try to follow this procedure on youtube, it’s very easy: