Larbox Pro bios update needed

Come on Chuwi , we need a bios update that can regulate our CPU temps!!! now it’s throttling at 60° with no ways to change this in the BIOS , this problem dates from september 2020!!!

write to

done !!! (needed 20 chars :wink: )


Any update for BIOS?

yes, look at this topic, in the new bios you can set the cooler as ‘always’ on , have a noctua cooler now so no noise anymore, LOVE IT!

It is always on now, but where are the cooler settings? Under ‘Thermal’?

How do you power your fan?

same as the internal fan…cut connector of it and soldered to new fan , turns perfectly, maybe not at full speed but cpu stays at 40°

not sure, my aim was to have it always on, so didn’t check it

Thanks for prompt answers. Helps a lot.
Having fan always on is much better than this on/off behavior before.