LarkBox (br version, TecToy) J4125 boot without logo, I can't access BIOS (solved)

Hi, I’m trying access the bios but the bios load directly to ubuntu also I can’t install debian and I can’t access the BIOS.

maybe @leledumbo can help a bit?

From a terminal give the following command:
systemctl reboot --firmware-setup

Cheers, Jaap

Nothing, just a black screen with larkbox on.

I don’t have a LarkBox, but there’s no way BIOS can’t be accessed. There must be a preboot for like 2 seconds or so that allows a key (combination) to enter the BIOS, usually there’s another also to select boot device. That particular key (combination) is device specific, as they’re coded in the firmware.

I will see on Monday, which combination of keys or how to enter in Bios.

I know it is possible, I did it a few months ago when I set mine up. I don’t remember if it was Esc or F10 or what (sorry did not take note) but I was successful in getting into the bios.

I need to clarify my problems:

1 - I cannot access the BIOS; I have tried keys F2, F5, F7, F11, and F12.
2 - When I turn on the computer, the screen goes black (without showing the logo at all) and after a few seconds, Ubuntu starts.
3 - I cannot install Debian 12; I tried changing the system and apparently, I can only install Ubuntu and Fedora.

what if you install windows? and check if its the system or its actually hardware? I can send you the windows files…if you give me the serial number and show me a picture of the exact product, because i am not sure which one it is. As it seems an old one.

thanks everyone, Fixed, I just change the HDMI cable.