How to open bios in chuwi larkbox x2023?(SOLVED)

How to open bios in chuwi larkbox x2023 without use Windows ?

You need to repeatedly press the ‘F2’ and ‘DEL’ keys from the very moment you power on the device.

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Thank you, I can open it!

When you got into BIOS was there an advanced option?

Hello, I have just bought a Chuwi LarkBox X 2023 Intel Alder Lake-N100 and I do not succeed entering into the BIOS setup as you suggested.
I tried “F2 and DEL”, F1 to F11 : none is working !
So how can I enter the BIOS setup ? I need to configure it to boot onto an external usb card.
Thanks in advance for your answer.

I found the answer : on my system, I need to press FUNCTION key + F2 while booting and then I can enter the BIOS. Hope that can help other owners…

thank you for leaving the response :wink: