Larkbox - display drivers

Had updated Windows to Windows 10 20H2 .
Had updated the drivers using Intel IDSA to Intel Graphics - Windows 10 DCH Driver Version: Release date: December 23, 2020

After this update , the website images in browser (Chrome or IE Edge) are looking blurry / hazy.

Has this been tested by Chuwi team ? Seems a standard windows update and Intel Driver update … not working well.

Any way to correct / revert the driver only? I dont want to factory reset loosing all the data.

Try to install different video driver and make sure you have enabled blur fix in display settings

I uninstalled the UHD 600 Graphics driver and installed the one recommended here -

Still the images are grainy.

Well … I know that the 20H2 update does not work correctly with all chuwi devices, probably the best option would be to roll back the updates (if the system allows it). Otherwise, you will have to check image with all previous versions of the driver, perhaps one of them will work.