Larkbox fan not working under Ubuntu Linux

I installed Ubuntu Linux on the Chuwi Larkbox but it runs super slow because the fan is not running. The CPU cores remain at 85 degrees and the system becomes very slow, I guess due to thermal throttling of the CPU cores.

How can I fix this?

Anybody else got the same problem?

Just chiming in to say I’ve got a similar problem.
I’ve just booted up with the pre-installed Windows, it runs great for a few minutes but then hits 85-90 degrees and starts to throttle.


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I have to install dptfxtract package on my ubuntu 20.04 installation to make the fan works.
It’s not regulated for now.
But it’s cooling.
Better than nothing.

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Hi, @Thios, could you please tell more: does fan turn off and on as needed, or is it just on all the time? Also, dptfxtract itself doesn’t do anything, it’s just a binary used to convert some data from ACPI dump, it’s useless without thermal-daemon…
Also note that there’s a second thread about this topic, and a (weird yet functional) workaround has been posted there.

Okay this is some useful information. So after installing Ubuntu 20.04 on the Larkbox one has to do

sudo apt-get install dptfxtract
sudo apt-get install thermald

Right? Other actions after that?

Thermald was installed by default.
In fact, i don’t know if dptfxtract is usefull. It seems to get thermal informations configured in bios.
Depending of the temperature, when I restart the thermald service, if the cpu is hot, the fan work, if the temperature is under 55C,it stop. Until next service restart.
In debug mode, I can see thermal is getting temp info in real time but it seems to not use it. And there is some fails in logs.
I didn’t find the solution.
I read other threads but the solution is not very sexy…

Indeed, the proposed workaround ("cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp" periodically) is weird and “not sexy”, but at least it works, unlike thermald.

On my fresh Kali Linux just done that :
#apt-get install thermald
#systemctl enable thermald
#systemctl start thermald
My fan works same as Windows 10