Larkbox Pro USB3.0 Problem


I recently bought a Larkbox Pro to use for astrophotography but I have problem with connection to my Cooled USB3.0 camera (QHY294C Pro). When I plug it, windows sees the camera in but the connection is not stable, In the device manager, the page is refreshing for every few seconds. I tried short usb3.0 cable (1 mt instead of 2) but it also didn’t work. Camera is working properly with my two laptops.
I also have another usb3.0 camera (ZWO ASI 290MC) which has smaller sensor and it is working properly with Larkbox.

I tried Baseus powered usb3.0 hub but nothing changed. I checked the USB hub with my laptop but the camera didn’t work with this configuration, too. It only works when I plug it to the laptop directly.

I assume larkbox usb 3.0 ports should work like my laptop ports but is there any difference? Do you have any suggestion to sopve this issue?

Thanks in advance.


try to install before the drivers and next step connect the hardware

I did the same, first install the driver than connected the hardware.
But I found a workaround to my problem. I used USB2.0 port of the USB Hub and it is working now (but slow download of course).

I also notice that when I transfer files from USB3.0 memory stick, sometimes the USB connection drops and connects again. Maybe there is a hardware isssue.