Larkbox X 2023 Intel N100 BIOS update?


Is there an update for the BIOS for the Intel N100 chipset based Larkbox X 2023?

Specifically the issues I have are:

  1. that devices plugged into the rear USB ports are not detected when booting or when the system wakes from sleep - they need to be disconnected and reconnected.

  2. I use linux sometimes and it would be useful to have BIOS control over enabling or disabling one or both of the ethernet NICs. Sometimes my second operating system boots up and picks the ‘wrong’ NIC which does not have a cable connected.

  3. The Intel N100 chipset does not identify the on-board audio device as “HDAINTEL HDMI PRO AUDIO” so depending on which sound system I use (pipewire or alsa) it cannot detect the on-board audio.

It would also be nice to see finer control in the USB with power usage, setting fan speeds etc. if possible.

Thank you


Sorry but it’s not going to happen. Don’t expect any driver updates, BIOS updates or patches from Chuwi. If by chance you do get one, avoid applying anything for as long as you can until you see what mess they’ve made.

Hardware generally works well, but there’s very little support and effectively zero warranty if something goes wrong.

Maybe force biosdevname=0 etc for your NIC issue.

BIOS update won’t do anything for your audio; that’s down to Intel’s terrible support for Linux. They only care about supporting their own software and kernels (Clear Linux OS) for specific enterprise customers and benchmark clout. Someone from the Linux kernel team will eventually get around to patching whatever mess they’ve made. Maybe try latest kernels.

Not sure about your USB issue. Is it affecting both USB2 and USB3 ports? Do you have any hubs connected? Are you using S0ix or do you have it disabled?


That you for the insight. Not good news, but need to know options.

BTW I have a question. Entering serial number of Chuwi product on support site only shows drivers and may be OS Image. That too located on third-party mediafire servers

How and from where do you get BIOS release update (if any) for your Chuwi laptop?

There is no BIOS update. There will not be a BIOS update. It will never happen.

Does anyone know how to get to the advanced menu in BIOS or enable virtualization VT-X for virtual machines?