Linux on Herobox

I have an older Herobox collecting dust and was wonder if (and how) linux can be installed and booted to instead of windows 10

tks in advance


Some Linux works and some don’t. You must try the one you have to know for sure if it works.

Appreciate the response but my question was how as I don’t seem to be able to overwrite the installed windows 10 OS

What exactly are you doing that you cannot install Linux?
I for one I’ve installed another Windows 10 along with the default installed one. Its was as simple as with any normal PC. Mybe in the case of Linux is somewhat different as I didn’t tried on Herobox, but only on other systems where it worked as it should. I don’t see why it would be difficulty on this HeroBox.

Hi i recently installed q4os linux (based on debian) which came with 6.1 Kernel.

after upgrading to kernel 6.7 it uses directly AX101 Intel Wifi chipset,

With tweaking firmware files, it also recognized Bluetooth properly :slight_smile:

kernel update:
sudo qrepoadd --gui

…then select “bookworm-backports”

then sudo qinst-kernel-bpo

for bluetooth firmware download
ibt-4040-1050.sfi and ibt-4040-1050.ddc
and place it under /lib/firmware/intel