Looking for latest Bios Larkbox PRO/J4115

I have a second hand Larkbox PRO, with a very old bios version. I am trying to update windows to 11.
From the topics on the forum, i understood, that it has an fTPM that should work with windows 11, after playing around in the bios with the trusted computing settings. (disable/boot/enable/boot/… and so on till windows sees TPM2.

When comparing my bios version with the posts on the forum, i notice my bios is older and misses a lot in regards of the trusted computing. My guess would be that Chuwi did not implement this yet in the bios version that i am using. So basicly i need the newer bios.

When trying to find my bios on the downloads part of the website, i get this error:

Database Working Un-normal now, Please contact local retails and distributor for Service

When i email support, i am reffered to a ticketform where i can only submit a ticket if i have a lot of detials regarding the sale, wich i dont because i bought it secondhand.

I just simply would love to have a download page where i can download the latest biosl.

Can anyone help me?


I received the LINK from customer service:

Maybe it will help?