Lost in de computer


I have a real problem, i cant reinstall mi chuwi Hi10 Air type cw1529
by exident i formatet the disk and lost all the partitions.
Is somenone so kind to help me out to recover my laptop i tryed to reinstall a windows distribution but i get a lot of errors about the sound.

I tryd this a copple of times and dont know where to start

seriel is h10 air Q64G190606050

Can you specify what kind of sound error do you get ??

I can use it only one time, after a little while there is no input in the soundcard possible. This is also when i use a external soundcard. I microfoon symbol pops up in the systemtray i have tryed several options but nothing Works for me . I think a whole new install with correct drivers will do the think i hope or i have the correct soundcard drivers for my model.