Soundcard Driver

good day i have a question. I have a Chuwi Hi10X I reinstalled it but no matter what I try or search I can’t download the right sound card driver. can someone help me find the right driver

What model do you have? The one with a N4000 or N4120?

type CWI529 thats what i can find

found it N4120 is the number

Alright, maybe you can find the driver in here. (i’ve dumped it from my Chuwi Hi10 X N4120)
PS: You need to install them via device manager or a tool that lets you install .inf files.

oke thank you i gone try it…

thnx for your help…


whitch one i must take try the esaudriver…inf but still nothing nou sound

Have you un-installed BOTH lots of audio and sound drivers from device manager (pic below)? Do that then re-install drivers by right click and ‘install’ option. That’s what I had to do to get any sound out of mine. But I had to delete both lots of drivers first else it didn’t work, and I tried!

i did that but what i do no sound.

Did you try every driver in the folder? Also i would recommend to add them via DriverStoreExplorer, and check the “Install Driver” box and do that with every .inf even if a error message appears.
DriverStoreExplorer Download Worked for me even after an complete reinstall of Windows 10.image

hi, I have a chuwi hi10x with the N4120 processor. I have installed windows 10 clean from 0 and the sound card does not work for me. I have tried to install Windows 11 clean and same error. There is a problem with the drivers and I get an error CODE 10 STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE