Fail sound card and RAM

Chuwi hi10 sound card failed. Device Manager finds no problems. The devices are found and the drivers are installed, but there is no sound (
at the same time, the RAM has decreased to 3 GB.
What could be?

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I have the same exact problem!

I performed a clean install of Windows 11 last week and installed all drivers backup I had collected from DISM command when I first received the drvice. All worked perfectly fine.

However, yesterday, Windows Update showed me an optional update of a firmware which I sadly performed. The update went smoothly but I noticed two things:

  1. at boot, just after Chuwi boot logo screen, it appears another screen with a message in chinese which I’m not able to decipher. It refers to some LAN info…

  2. sound drivers went missing and i was not able to install my backup as it showed me that they weren’t the right device drivers. After a lot of research I was able to install some intel smart sound technology drivers, but still audio is not working.

  3. RAM is now listed as only 3GB instead of 6GB.

It is very strange. I think this firmware update messed with the original chuwi bios firmware and the devices info such as the sound devices and RAM…i don’t know…

I would like to flash an old version of BIOS firmware. Can someone provides it?

I have this model:

Chuwi Hi10 X
Intel N4120 6GB RAM
Intel UHD Graphics 600
Model: Hi10XG128G210208985 CWI529


Yes! I also got such a screensaver with hieroglyphs! And maybe after that, the sound and 3 GB of RAM disappeared.

Chuwi, help us! this update broke our devices

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I agree with everything that has been said above. I have the same issue. I updated windows 10 to windows 11. And now I have no sound, only 3 GB of RAM, and a screen with hieroglyphs when booting.
Please provide a solution to this problem!
Chuwi Hi10 X
Intel N4120 6GB RAM
Intel UHD Graphics 600
Model: Hi10XG128G210208246 CWI529

Support write me:

Hello, please save important information and reinstall the system. The link is the installation package, and the attachment is the tutorial. We hope these can help you

Thanks and best regards


Hi, I am waiting for an answer from support. Have you tried this? I don’t see the link to the installation tutorial. Can you share it?

I haven’t been able to download the archive for three days. Tech support posted the archive on a super slow file sharing service.

The instructions were sent in docx format. and I can’t publish it here (this is the usual instruction for creating a bootable WINPE flash drive

reinstalling the image did not help

I’m sorry! I’m wondering how much that info about 3GB of RAM actually affect usability. For istance: do the tablet still works as fast as it should or is it slower now that only 3 GB are recognized?

Also, as it was an issue due to that firmware update, did the audio came back?

@Chuwi Support: please help us!

No, the tablet is now running slowly. as it should work on 3 GB of RAM. Apps take longer than usual to load!

No sound after reinstall.

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I’m very sorry! Did you perform a clean install with the image they gave you?
I still haven’t received any news via email from support.

yes, it’s a clean image. The system is the same as after buying a tablet.

Ive got the exact same problem after doing a cumulative update. Chinese writing on boot talking about wifi, then no audio device and 3GB ram. This needs fixing!

We need to keep this thread active until a solution to this problem is found.

I have the same problem. We need the original Chuwi BIOS file for Hi10 X and UEFI-utility for flashing it, not more.
We are waiting for link to BIOS/utility from the official Chuwi support!

all above are ess386 sound chip variant.

X with 4120

Hi I’ve exatly the same problem

Support answered me. They sent me a BIOS firmware and I returned the sound and 3 GB of RAM

how to connect support? or can you share the bios here? Or
I can’t attach a file here(