Microphone very very low

Hi, the microphone audio is very very low.
It 's impossibile to use to send command to Cortana or to make a video call
Is it a driver problem or an hardware issue?
could you help me please?
thank you


Hello, I have the same problem, everything is ok with the headset, the microphone of the device is too low. Can anyone give information? Thanks

And one more question: where is the microphone in the hi10x?

there is an hole between the usb-c and the hdmi ports

Type “sound” in the lower left box and select “sound settings” from the drop-down menu.
It will direct you to the configuration of the input and output devices, in input you have an option of advanced sound properties, sound preferences and volume of the application and in it a volume control that you can modify to the desired volume. You must adjust it to 100%

I put it 100%, looks better now

Did you already solve this problem?
I had the same problem, so I bought one more another Hi10x.
It had the same problem too.
I have checked all settings.
It can’t make video calls, cortana, voice search, voice recorder, video shoot, etc.
Is this computer in normal condition?

I did but the problem is not solved

I have exactly the same problem. Putting mic to 100% and mic boost as well helped not to much. Looks like disadvantage of this model. That’s a pitty.

Ctrl+Alt+E…then raise e
qualizer settings