Minibook 8100y 8 inch frash instalion win 10

hello frinds ,

i had to reinstall new win 10
and from reading i understand the win 10 need to be under winpe version

  1. can i know why ? i mean regular install win10 or lite wont work ? - becuse i try and i get error after the finish instalion

2/ and if i make winpe from another win 10 pc - the version that i make will be like the other pc that i make from this pc the winpe for the mini book ?

i realy stuck and wait for answer

You readinfg skill is bad. You are don’t install windows PE. You just must rename USB stick to this name.
Other version of windows install on this laptop usually without problem. You can find many info about it in www ot this site.

What error are you have? What method partition you are used? Wich version of windows you try to install? How are you was prepare the bootable usb stick?

hello , ok ’ i see now that everything is ok
i install my own copy of win 10 - is it ok ?

and one more thing

how can i know my bios is up-to date?

what is the news version ? - and if you can send it pleas


The stable version of bios at this time is 5.12
You can find this info just booted in bios (when U see chuwi logo press Esc)
Any another and interesting info about bios You can find on this forum.
But when i see your question i am thinking - that bios is’t a thing that you are must to touch.

its ok . i have some knowledge on computer …
about the windows … ?
install only the OS ( windows 10 ) of chuwi ?

Please, read the forum before ask.
Not only Windows. You can install several types of linux distros, MacOS, another version windows.
All information is present here.

how can i install the finger+touch screen drivers ?